Northern Woods of Wisconsin

So this has been the weirdest trip to Scott’s family cabin that we’ve  had to far!! The weather is goregous, the lake is beautiful and idylic, Jake and Nora are having a blast kayaking and taking long walks in the woods. Olivia is loving being outside, swimming, and being spoiled by her Aunt Kate and her grandmother.

Unfortunatly, on Saturday morning (not even 48 hours after we arrived at the Cabin), Nora almost passed out! After resting for a bit, she was able to eat something and felt much better after 15 minutes or so, but still felt very drained. After she told us that this happens all the time with her, especially when she is sick, I was concerned enough that I felt she needed to be checked out while she was having the symptoms. It being Saturday and us being from out of town, our only viable option was the Emergency Room in Eagle River, WI. Luckily, the ED was completely empty and the staff was efficient and very helpful, so we were in and out in about an hour, which was awesome! They diagnosed Nora with possible hypoglycemia! We have to follow up with her Primary Care physician when we return to Maryland and she will most likely have to have a follow up glucose tolerance test as well as some thyroid levels, but hopefully it’s nothing major. We just want to get everything taken care of before she leaves for college–which is in 17 short days! 😦

The next day Olivia spiked a fever of 102.8 degrees. It was very labile, going as high as 1o3.4 before breaking and going away for good about a day and a half later. Liv gets phantom fevers all the time, so Scott and I didn’t think anything of it as she had no other symptoms.

So then Tuesday morning at 1am  I woke up feeling like I had to go to the bathroom but was extremely constipated. After a very short 45 minutes, I was in excruciating pain!! Scott woke Nora, who very graciously drove me to the hospital again (2nd time in less than 48 hours!!). We ended up being there from 2:30am until about 7:00am, because I had two kidney stones and a urinary tract infection!! They gave me some medication and told me I basically had to wait and see if they would pass–there’s not a whole lot that you can do with them, especially on vacation when you have a 3 day car trip in the near future!! I have passed one so far, and am hoping the second makes it’s way out of here before we have to head back South!

And, to top it all off, Liv developed a weird rash during all of this. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the 2nd or 3rd day she’d had it, so my mother-in-law, Susan, suggested that we take her to see a doctor because the rash was getting worse and not better, and I begrudginly agreed. We almost had to make a third trip to the ED, but was able to find an appointment and go to a local clinic instead. The physician there was wonderful and the entire facility was quite impressive!! And the doctor diagnosed Olivia with hand, foot and mouth disease!! I feel like such a horrible mother because she probably picked it up somewhere at a rest stop after we let her toddle around with no shoes on!! 😦  Luckily it’s self-limiting, doesn’t require any treatment, and now that the fever’s over, it won’t affect her mood/energy at all. We originally thought it was poison ivy/oak, so this is a much better diagnosis!

And to top it all off– my bank messed up my account and we’ve had no money except the cash that I brought with us! Talk about the vacation comedy of errors! *grin* Luckily we got it all sorted out and even managed to squeeze an extra day up at the cabin with Scott’s mother in the bargain. Even with all the craziness, it’s been a great trip and I feel refreshed. And on the way back we’re going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because the hotel in Cleveland that we got a great deal on is about 8 miles away—and we got discounted tickets through AAA!!

I will be posting pictures soon on here, but there will be a bunch more on facebook in the near future, I am sure!

Hey, at least I didn’t fall in the lake this time, right? 😉


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