Wonderful Life…

So, things are super busy around here!! Nora’s getting closer and closer to going away to college (she leaves August 28th) and she’s finishing up her first online course at FSU.  Her show was a rousing success, and Jake, Scott and  I had a blast seeing the show. She’s been quite the social butterfly lately–made lots of new friends working at the Dinner Theater. We are going to miss her when she leaves–can’t believe it’s coming so soon!!!

Jake’s been driving pretty regularly all over the place–which is awesome, and a little weird! He’s an excellent driver so far, though, which is great!! In about 4 weeks he starts his junior year, as well as does his official instructor hours with the driver’s ed people. He’s looking forward to using this opportunity at the cabin to have a great time and take more pictures and go kayaking and such.

Olivia is SO BIG!! She is 9 months old, walking, talking up a storm (although none of us know exactly what she’s saying). At her most recent appointment we discovered that she weight 18 lbs and 1 ounce, and is 28 inches tall. She’s bumped up to the 40th percentile in height, weight and head circumference. She’s got 4 teeth, and has added avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, gold fish, and many other finger foods to her diet. It’s adorable watching her try to eat. She’s also quite an outdoor girl, and literally squeals with delight whenever she sees anyone coming or going near the doors to our house. She also loves the swing at the park right down the street from us–we’ve been going there a couple of times per week. Check out my facebook profile for pictures of her on the swings and in her new wagon!

In only 7 days we will be leaving for our annual trek up to the cabin in Wisconsin. This will be Olivia’s first trip up there (out of utero, anyway). Hopefully it won’t be an eventful drive and she will love it as much as we do!! We found a lovely bed and breakfast style hotel to stay in on the way out there–and we are SUPER excited!!


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