So much happens so quickly!

Sooo…child number one: it is Nora’s 19th birthday!! We are celebrating it the mature way—with a binge at the candy store! Nora has a lot to celebrate–the letter from Frostburg State University just arrived today—and it looks as though ALL of her tuition is covered between grants and scholarships! She is also working very dilligently at her rehearsals at Montgomery Summer Dinner Theater where she is Nessa MacGregor in their production of Brigadoon! Tech week is only a week away and we are SO excited! She moves into the dorms in late August-and I’m having a hard time thinking about it already!

Jake is doing well also, working hard at school and considering Open Campus for next year–where he gets to go to the local community college and take classes there like a real college student! He also just had his 16th birthday–and got his learner’s permit! I took him out driving on the roads for the first time and he did AWESOME! I can’t believe he’s doing so well already–I was quite impressed.

Baby Liv is growing like a weed– crawling, pulling up, has two teeth, and is talking up a storm of baby talk. She is too adorable for words. Today she and I (along with Jake and and Daddy) went to the local FSK Mall for a Nurse-In–a public protest to help promote breastfeeding in public. She was the cutest baby there!


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