Busy, busy, busy

The days go by so quickly!

We are super busy! Nora is working her butt off at two jobs–the pet store and Bath and Body works. She’s trying to reach her goal to get off to the Academy this September–and they offered her a rather large scholarship this year, so things are looking much more promising. She’s also gearing up for auditions for the local community college’s dinner theater–which is a great experience and worth college credit.

Jake is slowly getting through his Sophmore year! He’s doing very well, especially in his photography classes. He’s got quite the talent. Check out my facebook photo albums for some of his exceptional work!! We are in the process of buying a third car (used) because in a very short while he will be driving!

Olivia is becoming bigger and bigger every day! She is adorable–although the last week or so has been exceptionally trying. She’s had an eye infection, a fever, a cold and is most definitely teething. Nights have been especially trying, as she can’t breathe through her nose, her teeth hurt and she get warm very easily. I am hoping this phase passes rather quickly!

But I still love her so very much–she just feels like she belongs with us, which is a very wonderful feeling.

Scott and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on April 1st! Quite an accomplishment! It was a a casual day, we went out to lunch and say a move after the baby went to bed (Nora was quite a willing babysitter, which we appreciated immensely) I will miss that when she is living in New York City!

Things are going well, especially since we’ve been enjoying beautiful weather the last week or so!


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