Scott and I are killing time at the hospital at Frederick Memorial Hospital!! We are patiently (or not so patiently, in some cases) laboring along. We have been waiting for medication to dilate my cervix, which is a slower process that I would have wished, but we have seen progress!!!

The contractions are already regular, and increasing in intensity–Scott is really enjoying watching the contractions and the baby’s heart beat on the monitor. We are excited and nervous, and also tired. I am finding it very difficult to relax and sleep….I think it’s just due to my nature!!

Lots of friends have had nice things to say and have been texting and emailing to check up on us. Jen has been AMAZING during the whole process, and I was actually sad to see her go when the nurse wanted me to try and get some rest! Hopefully she will be back in the morning…..or at least I will have a baby to share with her! She has been wonderful and I miss her. All of my Mary Kay ladies have been so much support. I really appreciate it and am so very blessed to be such a part of a wonderful group of women. Michelle also brought me Roy Rodgers!! Which was amazing– and it might be the last meal I have for a while.

Now we are trying to keep the cervix dilating and deal with the pain from the contractions. They are coming about every three minutes or so and they are quite intense. I got some IV pain meds but they wore off pretty quickly. I want my epidural as soon as I can get it, but I am trying to wait a bit longer—I am only 1 centimeter at this point and I don’t want to slow things down too much.

Everyone keep hoping that things keeps progress along and we will get to meet little Olivia Susan or John Finnean sometime early on October 15th!! The baby and Scott probably won’t share a birthday but, it’ll be pretty close!!!


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