Almost 40 weeks…

40th Week of Pregnancy:

Your Due Date!

What’s Happening with Your Body

As your body prepares for delivery, you may notice more frequent rounds of Braxton Hicks contractions during which your abdomen tightens and relaxes. You’ll also experience times of more intense contractions that may or may not become regular. During your office visit, your healthcare provider will tell you if your cervix is thinning and opening as it prepares for childbirth..

All About Baby

Your baby is now full-grown and ready to meet you. As he nears delivery, his body systems are all mature and prepared to survive outside the womb. His fat cells continue to form and will provide him with the insulation he needs once he leaves his cozy home. The fat will also give him irresistibly chubby cheeks!

How Big Is Baby?

On average, yur baby is about seven pounds, eight ounces.

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