Scott and I are killing time at the hospital at Frederick Memorial Hospital!! We are patiently (or not so patiently, in some cases) laboring along. We have been waiting for medication to dilate my cervix, which is a slower process that I would have wished, but we have seen progress!!! The contractions are already regular, […]

Almost 40 weeks…

40th Week of Pregnancy: Your Due Date! What’s Happening with Your Body As your body prepares for delivery, you may notice more frequent rounds of Braxton Hicks contractions during which your abdomen tightens and relaxes. You’ll also experience times of more intense contractions that may or may not become regular. During your office visit, your […]

4 days til due date…

It’s 1am and I’m up again! The end of pregnancy is so, so hard! I have a theory that you get so miserable so that you get over the fear of giving birth towards the end because you just want it to be over!! I’m still pretty nervous about the prospect of actually giving birth, […]


Today I had a fun time baking cookies with Jen and her boys Charlie and Zack! I needed something to keep myself busy, and I got the urge to try a recipe that an old friend gave me ages ago and I never got around to using for Snickerdoodles! They are delicious and I think […]