Getting ready for 2am feedings…?

So, it’s 1am and I can’t sleep!

The Littlest Grider is very active this evening! Baby has gotten so big; it looks like the loch ness monster is frolicking in my belly. I was really hoping for a glimpse of a little foot or hand through my stomach at some point in this pregnancy, but that has not been visible yet. I can definitely see our growing little one moving every day now, though.

While this pregnancy has not been what I would consider exactly a pleasant experience for me, it is also not one I would trade for the world. The idea that my love and I have created something magical and alive and I am creating life inside of me is pretty amazing.

Also, it has been a wonderful experience that has brought us closer together as a family. Choosing names with Scott, having Nora touch and talk to the little one through my belly, and even having Jake excited at the sonograms has all been a very special bonding experience for us. I’ve even gotten to hear some interesting (and some scary) babies stores from Scott’s family!

I’m officially 38 weeks along at this point. Anything after 37 weeks the doctor considers full-term, so the baby can come at any point now with little to no concern! I am ready to meet out little one! Hopefully it will be any day now, but it could be as long as another 3 weeks….

Let’s hope it’s not quite that long…


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