Nesting away…

We are almost 38 weeks pregnant at this point!!

I am VERY ready to have this baby! (But also terrified of the actual process of labor and childbirth) I’ve spent the entire day cleaning the crap out of my house — it is a really effective way to get things done. The baby’s nursery is finished, finally! It looks great. We’re just waiting on Grandma Chicca to do the curtains and then all will be finished! Scott moved the cradle into our bedroom today, my hospital bag is all packed and we’re ready to go.

Now all we have to do it wait….

On another note, I just recently went to an open house for some new nursing positions, and if all goes well I should be starting a new, full-time, nursing position in November (after my brief maternity leave). All I need is to get my ducks in a row and everything cleared, and I should be good to go! I am definately excited at the idea of starting fresh at a new place! My current job at an immunization clinic is okay, but the work is a little slow and I need a job with more steady hours and better benefits, so that’s the next goal!

I just keep trying to do the next right thing and hopefully everything will work itself out…

Here are some pics of the nursery and the mural, and me at 37 weeks! The mural was painted by Meredith Burall, who comes highly reccommended. Her website is Enjoy!!!

Dr Seuss Mural 010Nursery 00836 Weeks37 weeks


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