Scott and I decided kind of last minute to drive up to Boston and visit his sister, Karen and brother-in-law, Luis. The drive was only about 8 hours and it was an oppotunity to visit Scott’s siblings and see the beautiful city where she lives and the school where she works (HARVARD!!)

It was a great trip. We only went for about 4 days, and they were the hottest four of the year, but it was totally worth it. The campus in Caimbridge where Harvard is located is beautiful, and the building in which Karen teaches is also goregous.  We saw a bunch of really neat historical sites; the location of the Boston massacre, the burial site of John Hancock, Sam Adams and Mother Goose, the location of the bar that Cheers is based on, as well as the State Hall. There was also a wonderful Holocaust memorial that was simple and touching, and made both Scott and I tear up. We visited the Museum of Natural History at Harvard, as well as the Harvard Art Museum. there just wasn’t enough time to do everything!

While we were there we also got a chance to have lunch with an old high-school accquantice of Scott’s, which was really cool. She was incredably sweet. We also enjoyed many delicious restaurants and Karen and Luis’s excellent cooking! I wish we could have stayed longer, but I think if I had spent any more time in Boston my feet would have exploded from all the humidity and the walking!

Boston truly is a beautiful city. I wish that our camera hadn’t been broken, there were so many amazing things to photograph!


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