Wisconsin was Wonderful!!

We had SUCH an amazing trip up north this year!! The drive was a little unpleasant—I don’t recommend driving 20 hours when you are 30 weeks pregnant if you can help it. Nora did help us drive a little this year which gave both Scott and I a nice break while we were driving. We arrived and spent the whole week just relaxing, basically!!

I was able to sit and work on my sewing, read four books, go on lots of walks, take some goregous pictures and spend time with my husband’s family! We also walked about Eagle River, ate at the restaurant The Friendship House where we go every year, bought a puzzle and sat aroung it working on it every night, walked the dogs (Pepper and Quincy–two goregous black labs). We also had a nice dinner out with everyone at The Loose Moose, where I had never eaten before.  It was great Scott’s brother Chris was there, along with his mom, Susan, his aunt Polly, and his sister Katy–with her kids Claire and Aidan as well!

Another day we went on a nice, long trip in Polly and Gil’s pontoon boat around the entire lake and saw tons of bald eagles! It was so beautiful.

Jake even went out on the lake by himself in the kayak–we were quite impressed!

It was nice to just relax and enjoy the week. I really, really needed it! The cabin up north is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I always feel so rejuvinated every time that I go. I wish we could stay longer, my only complaint was that the trip was too short.

One of my favorite things were the goregous pictures that Jake took! I’ve posted a few here and the rest are on my facebook. He is quite the amazing photographer.

All in all, it was a perfect vacation! I want to go back! Now, in just over a week we are off to Boston to visit Karen and Luis!!!



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