Scott and I decided kind of last minute to drive up to Boston and visit his sister, Karen and brother-in-law, Luis. The drive was only about 8 hours and it was an oppotunity to visit Scott’s siblings and see the beautiful city where she lives and the school where she works (HARVARD!!) It was a […]

Baby is doing great!

This Wednesday I went to my regular OB and my high risk specialist for my gestational diabetes and another sonogram of the little one! These were both great visits!! At my OB I was told that I hadn’t gained a single pound in the last 4 weeks! Don’t worry, though–the baby did gain appropriately! I […]

Wisconsin was Wonderful!!

We had SUCH an amazing trip up north this year!! The drive was a little unpleasant—I don’t recommend driving 20 hours when you are 30 weeks pregnant if you can help it. Nora did help us drive a little this year which gave both Scott and I a nice break while we were driving. We […]