Up North!

It’s been a couple of busy weeks! This is par for the course in the Grider household!

Nora and I have been applying for jobs and interviewing like crazy the last few weeks. I have secured a new place of employment working for a company called Mollen Immunizations which has the flexibility that will be perfect with the new little one on the way! I also have another promising job opportunity at a local plastic surgeon’s office–we’ll see how that interview went in about a week!

We’ve spent the last few weeks busily getting ready for the baby! We’ve moved most of Jake’s stuff into the basement. Jake is in the process of picking new colors, carpet and decorations for his new room. Moving is a bit of a pain for him, but we think he’ll really like it in the long run. Hopefully we will be able to finish putting the nursery furniture into what will become the nursery before the baby shower on August 16th!

I am almost 30 weeks pregnant now, so after next week we will be counting down the weeks in single digits! I can’t wait to meet our new little one–I wish it was sooner!

Unfortunatly, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at my last prenatal visit. Luckily, since I am an RN this condition has been pretty simple to manage thus far. (I am very motiviated to NOT have a ten pound baby or need to be induced early) It’s kind of a pain since I can have almost no fruit or fruit juice–which are the things I crave the most!! Hopefully it should go away once the baby is born–if I do all the right things like exercise, loose the weight and eat right.

And in about two hours the four of us are leaving to head up North for our annual trip to Wisconsin! Susan (my mother in law), Chris (my brother in law), Katie and Erin (my sister in law and her husband) and their two little ones will (Claire and Aidan) will all be there! It is always my favorite time of year. Hopefully the weather forecast is incorrect and it won’t rain every day–especially since I’m supposed to get out and exerciuse as much as possible after meals.

Will post pictures of the goregous cabin on the lake once we we return!!


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