30 Weeks – Only ten more to go!

All About Baby: Your baby’s face looks much like it will when he’s born. He still needs to fill out more to get the characteristic chubby infant cheeks, but he’s on his way. He can move his head, open his eyes, and make breathing movements through his open nostrils (although no air comes in). How […]

Up North!

It’s been a couple of busy weeks! This is par for the course in the Grider household! Nora and I have been applying for jobs and interviewing like crazy the last few weeks. I have secured a new place of employment working for a company called Mollen Immunizations which has the flexibility that will be […]

Baby Shower!

  Mari’s Baby Shower! Please join us on Sunday, August 16th, 2009 at 3:30 in the afternoon to celebrate the coming of Baby Grider! No, we do not know what the baby’s sex is going to be at this point–so gender neutral is the way to go! Mari and Scott are registered at: Babies’R’US Target […]

How baby is growing…

Baby Grider: 26 weeks! What’s Happening with Your Body You’re almost done with your second trimester! You may have noticed swelling in your face, hands, feet, and ankles. This swelling, called edema, happens as your body retains fluid to keep your blood volume high. With more blood flowing, your vessels are forced closer to the […]