The Littlest Grider

Mari is finally 26 weeks pregnant!! Only three and a half months left until Baby Grider joins us!

26 weeks

Some days it feels like it is coming so fast and others it feels like it is never going to get here.  In just a few short months we are going to have another small little one who is going to be such a blessing and so much work at the same time!

I’ve gotten so much bigger already that I can’t imagine what I’m going to be like in another ten weeks. It’s also to the point where I’ve gotten really nervous about the idea of giving birth. Hopefully I get my epidural in time, is the only thing I can hope for at this point!

Nora is very excited about the baby, although I could do without the constant poking.

Scott and I are busy trying to get ready for the baby while at the same time trying to get ready for Nora to move to New York City. I can’t believe so much is still happening at the same time–just when things start to settle down, all kinds of things happen again! We’re also in the process of picking names. We really like the idea of naming the baby after Scott’s mom or my father, but nothing is set in stone yet.

I can’t wait to meet our little one!

Baby shower in just a few short weeks.


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