High School Graduation

Graduation 022Graduation 021Graduation 028Graduation 031Graduation 030Graduation 034We can’t believe it: Amazingly enough,  it has finally arrived!!

After 12 long years of Frederick County Public schooling, Nora has finally finished the torture of high school!

Wednesday night, June 3rd, 2009 Eleanor Jean Grider graduated from Catoctin High School with high honors! The ceremony was at Mount Saint Mary’s University at 7:30pm. She had an overall GPA above 3.5, also received highest honors in drama, and was pinned as an Advanced Theater Studies student. The graduation ceremony was really nice. Nora’s close friend Karen Crum sang the graduation song, accompanied by Dillon. Nora and another close friend of hers, Lauren Kelly, walked together. We even caught a few pics of the two of them holding hands as they walked out of the auditorium with their diplomas.

Nora had a large entourage there to support her: Scott, myself, her brother Jake, her sister Jamie, her mother, her step-father Doug, her grandparents on Doug’s side; Chuck and Helen Deering, her grandparents and great-grandfather on my side; Gale and Pop, as well as Susan and Helen, Aunt Tenly (who is actually my best friend), Lynly (one of Nora’s closest friends) and even her music instructor of 6 years, Shannon Hamilton. Everyone was so proud!

Unfortunately it began to rain right after we walked out of the ceremony, so we were only able to snap a few pictures before the skies opened up. We all went to Patty’s house for some snacks before Nora went back to the Mount for the Safe and Sane party. This is a party that is sponsored by the school, fundraising is done throughout the community the entire year to prepare for it. They provide a safe environment for the students to celebrate without drugs or alcohol. She partied there all night and called us at 5am as she was driving home from the party, exhausted.

Safe and sane was a lot of fun for her. She won tons of stuff, including money, beach furniture, and even stuff to decorate her car with!

Of course, she was exhausted when she arrived home and slept until 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday the 4th. At that point, we all went to Matsutake to enjoy Hibachi and sushi and celebrate her graduation with all the people that had come from out of town. We got lots of nice pictures, and I cried — but not as much as I thought I was going to!


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