Graduation Party

Grad Party 045Grad Party 053Grad Party 087What an amazing day!

On Saturday the Kellys, along with Scott and I, threw our graduating daughters a big party! It was at a site near Thurmont that was 30 acres of wooded area and it was a perfect day for it!

About 30 or so people showed up and the whole event was so much fun. Bruce Kelly (Lauren’s dad) orchestrated a paint ball game which Nora was quite the stealthy little player in. Only one innocent bystandar was shot (by accident) and she’s okay! Ben Mathis (a close friend of the girls) showed up all suited out and they looked great!

There was tons of cookout style food, WAY too many desserts, and we ate pretty much the entire time! (Well, I did anyway, but I have an excuse). There was also a pinata, which Lynly demolished in one hit–we did NOT see that one coming! We even rented a moonbounce for the girls, which was hilarious, even when the kids knocked it over. We think there may have been a few too many of them in it at the same time…

The slideshow was probably my favorite part, Leslie Kelly put that together and it was 24 minutes of amazing! I cried (as usual) and so did a few of her friends! It chronicled the girls throughout various ages in their lives and was set to some really touching music that represented the entire thing VERY well. I will be making DVD copies of it for anyone who would like one!

Tonight is Nora’s senior awards ceremony, and in just two short days: graduation! I can’t believe this day has come! It seems to have arrived so quick!

We love you, Nora, and are immensly proud of you.


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