Thomas Johnson’s Senior Prom

Last night Nora attended yet another prom!

This one was for Thomas Johnson High School, where Nora attends the ACA program with a close friend of her’s; Ben Mathis. The theme was Tokyo Dreams and Nora did a neat oriental look for her hair and wore the same dress as she did to Catoctin’s prom. She was beautiful. The two of them decided to go as friends and it was such a neat night! Ben’s father, Mike, dressed up in a tux and chauffeured them around. They picked Nora up at our house and did the flower exchange. Then we headed to Frederick’s Baker Park where Mike also took some beautiful pictures that looked professional!

Nora was SO pretty, and I didn’t cry until I got home, so Nora didn’t get to laugh at me this time. She said the music was much better and she had a good time!

TJHS Prom 019TJHS Prom 026TJHS Prom 042TJHS Prom 003TJHS Prom 016TJHS Prom 013


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