Nora’s Senior Prom

Apparently Nora was channeling Audrey Hepburn last night. She looked amazing! It was almost as if she had stepped out of a 1940’s movie!

She looked great! We met all of her friends at Bruce and Leslie’s house, and got lots of great pictures, and I only cried a little (thank goodness). Then we all chauffered her and her friends to dinner (at Bonefish Grill) and then to the prom which was at Mount Saint Mary’s. It started to rain at that point–pretty hard, but luckily they had thought to bring plenty of umbrellas that evening.

Bruce and Leslie Kelly were kind enough to host the midnight breakfast after party, so all the girls (and the only guy, Cody) came back for breakfast at about midnight. This was when Scott and I decided to go home because we are old and we were tired.

It was wonderful to be able to be apart of this evening. I am so very happy for and proud of Nora looking so beautiful! I hope she had a wonderful time.

CHS Prom 2009 019CHS Prom 2009 113CHS Prom 2009 078CHS Prom 2009 109CHS Prom 2009 007


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