Well, we are reaching the end here, people.

In just 6 short days Nora will be attending 1 of  her 2 senior proms. This one is at Catoctin High School (the school she will be graduating from). A whole big group of her friends are all meeting at a friend’s house at 4pm for pictures (her least favorite part — but my favorite part). Then they will be going to dinner at Firestone’s in Frederick and heading to Mount Saint Mary’s College for the actual dance. Scott and I will be at the afterparty for more post-prom pictures and to help the Kelly’s (the parents of one of Nora’s close friends) with the after prom party.

I have a feeling that I will be crying at some point during the night.

After that we have just another week until her bonus prom on the 22nd, the afterparty of which will be at our house. I am actually really excited about being able to be involved in this way. Again, though, I will probably be crying for no reason.

Then we’ve got just another week until her graduation party on May 30th, her senior awards ceremony on June 1st, graduation on June 3rd, her graduation dinner on June 4th, and her 18th birthday on June 5th! So many big, big milestones are happening in such a short time! I don’t know what to do with myself….my little girl (who’s not even MY little girl) is at the end of the line of childhood. We are so excited for her bright future, but, damn, did this come quickly or what?

I have uploaded some pictures from when she was first born, and then Nora’s graduation photo. It’s amazing the beautiful baby she was and the beautiful young woman she has grown to be.

Nora Baby Picture for BannerNora's Graduation PhotoPictures for Slideshow 032


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