Dave and Buster’s!

pudding3Tuesday evening we celebrated Jake’s birthday officially. He got a nice amount of gifts from us, his grandmothers, and his Uncle Chris. Nora got him an adorable little hamster that he named Pudding. He is very, very cute! Now we have a grand total of 6 little creatures in our house!

Afterwards, Nora, Jacob (Jake’s best friend), Jake, Scott and I drove down to the Dave and Buster’s in Rockville, MD. We ate dinner and played video games for hours, which was a ton of fun. We even got to play a game where the 5 of us raced against one another. Nora won, and we’re not really sure how. It was a really fun time, and it wasn’t too crowded either, so we didn’t have to wait for any of the games that we really wanted. Scott and I shot a lot of Zombies together and Nora and I played a lot of Skee-ball also. Jake and Jacob has a great time and it was a lot of fun for his 15th! Scott and I can’t believe he is fifteen.


Happy birthday again, Jake! We love you!


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