Catoctin High School’s production of GODSPELL

godspell-004godspell-062godspell-0012godspell-115It is an amazing evening for public school theater this weekend!

Last night Catoctin High School had a wonderful opening night of Godspell last night!!

Nora plays John the Baptist and Jake works back stage and it was a great show! One of Nora’s friends who is also in ACA (her advanced theater program) Ben Mathis plays Jesus–and the whole show is full of humor, color, fun, sarcasm and lots of energy! The house was the most full I have seen it since Nora has been performing there. I hope it sends a huge message to the administration —
drama is alive and kicking at Catoctin High school!!

The turnout was awesome and Nora was amazing on stage (as usual!!) We still need lots of local support for the show. Please come and support us — there is another showing tonight (Saturday) at 7:30pm and tomorrow afternoon at 2pm! Adults are $8 and students are $7.

Scott and I still can’t believe that this is Nora’s last high school performance! I teared up at a couple of different spots during the show, it was very bittersweet. The show was amazing, though! Come and celebrate local theater with us!


One thought on “Catoctin High School’s production of GODSPELL

  1. I can still picture Nora’s beaming smile at the end of “Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord”. What a great show! Please pass my congratulations on to Nora.
    Mike Forrence (dad of Chris who used to be in drama and Alex who played in the pit)

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