Baby Grider’s Heartbeat!

Yesterday afternoon I went to our first OB appointment with Scott. It was a long one where they ask you a million questions about your medical history and your husband’s medical history and your family medical history. They also insisted on telling me tons of information I already knew from Nursing school. I have discovered that I know just enough information to freak me out most of the time. I have 30 more weeks to go until this little one shows itself and it’s going to be a long ride!!

The neat thing about this appointment was where Nora and Jake joined us and all four of us were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat!! The Nurse Practioner told us that she had the easiest time finding the heartbeat! Hopefully this means Baby Grider will be a cooperative child. Knowing the Easons, somehow I doubt that… The heartbeat was really fast-somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 beats per minute, which is normal for the baby’s young gestational age. I am 10 weeks pregnant, which makes the baby about 8 weeks old. Only 2 more weeks to go until the 2nd trimester! We get to have a sonogram then, too, which I am excited about! It’s all part of the first trimester screening to check for any possible problems with the baby or pregnancy. The doctor thinks it’s unlikely that there is anything wrong with me or the baby, but I figure why not be extra safe and prepared.

Scott and I are still deciding whether or not to find out the sex of the baby. I really, really want to be surprised but Scott wants to know what we are having. Hopefully we can sort that one out, and soon!!

Nora and Jake are getting more and more excited about the baby. We are slowly amassing more baby items in the house — luckily my step-mother saved tons of the big stuff from when my baby sister Amber was born, so we have a lot of the big furniture items that we need already. I can’t wait until week 13 to start buying other clothes and baby things. I don’t want to jinx anything by shopping too early!!! It’s a very exciting time….and a little nerve-wracking, too!


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