Again, so much has happened….

The last several months have been CRAZY!

Let’s see, where did we leave off? In November, Nora performed in Catoctin High’s Fall play: the Gettysburg Cannon. She was amazing, as usual. Scott and I still couldn’t believe that this was her senior play!! There won’t be any more plays in this high school. She still has one more musical in April. All the kids did well and it was a neat glance into history as well. We also went as a family to see Cirque du Soleil in November as an early birthday celebration for me! The kids thourougly enjoyed it, as did Scott and I. It was such an neat experience with all the merging of cultures and the constant laughter that we would go again in a heartbeat!

In December I celebrated my 27th birthday officially on the 5th. It was mostly uneventful, I was home with my family for cake and presents, which is the way I like it. Nora also had her directing debut this month! She did a children’s Christmas play and ran the whole show (with some assistance from her Drama director, Karen Stitely).  Her father was Santa Claus (the first time we got to see him on stage, and he was AWESOME!), I ran the lights, sound and did the programs,  and Nora’s mom (Patty Benson) so graceously did the costumes just like usual. Christmas was fun this year, we celebrated the day after Christmas. There were a few new members to the family! A goregous ball python snake named Loki, and two kittiens that remained nameless. Unfortunatly, due to allergic reactions, we were unable to keep them and they will be greatly missed. They both have great homes now.

January was pretty calm, until Nora and I flew up to New York, that is. Nora had her Audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts on the 29th. She was SO nervous and the weather was awful so our flight was delayed twice. I knew she was going to do amazing no matter what, but she was not so conviced. Her father and brother drove up to Manhattan on Thursday to be there with her on the day of the actual audition. They told her the wait to find out about her acceptance would be at least two weeks. She must have done better than she had thought because 3 business days later her acceptance packet arrived in the mail!! We are SO very excited for her, and proud, and also a little sad that she’s leaving. But mostly excited.  Now we just need enough money to pay for everything. Donations are being accepted! I’ve done a lot of work with the financial aid through the Academy so we think it shouldn’t be a problem for her to be acting up a storm by September! It looks like she’ll be moving up there sometime around September the 10th.

February has been a bit of a whirlwind as well. Jake’s still doing his guitar thing still and doing EXCELLENT in school, Scott’s hours have picked up quite a bit with NetCo, Nora’s gearing up for the spring musical (and last on-stage high school performance) of Godspell, Mari is looking for a new job, AND to top it all off we found out that we are expecting a baby!! After nearly 3 years of failed attemps at making us another little Grider, we now have one that just popped up out of the blue! The new little prince or princess will be arriving sometime in early October, right about Scott’s birthday. We are very exctied and have already begun accepting donations of used maternity/baby items. Wish me luck for a speedy and comfortable pregnancy!

I think that about catches everyone up–hopefully I will be able to keep this up a little more frequently from now on!


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