Busy, busy life!

So the last couple of weeks have been quite busy, as usual!

First of all, we had our annual Halloween Party which was a blast, as usual! A good group of people turned out this year to christen our first party in the new home! It was alot of fun. I recycled one of Nora’s old costumes to save money, and Scott did an impromptu biker costume that involved doing weird things to his goatee. Luckily, that was only temporary! Silly Nora scheduled her SATs for the following morning, so she bailed and headed to her mom’s house for the night when she realized the party was going to continue on a little longer than she had originally imagined.

The following night (on November 1st) Scott and I went to Diana and Eric’s house (why my best friend and I always schedule parties for the same events, I’ll never figure out!). Scott and I finally got to see the house that Diana and Eric bought and moved into months ago! It is really, really cute and I love the little yard in the back. It’s got plenty of space for the two of them, and it looks really nice!

Today Scott and I celebrated the anniversary of our dating–we’ve been together for 6 whole years! It’s amazing how times flies!! He made an amazing Shark steak dinner for the two of us and we cuddled on the couch and enjoyed the peace. I love my husband so very much, and we are very happy together!!


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