Homecoming 2008

Last night Nora attended her senior Homecoming dance. Yup, that’s right: this was her last one. Nora and I went to our marvelous hairdresser (Tiffany at Gemini Salon & Styling — we highly recommend her to everyone). While there, Nora got her hair trimmed and styled because she needs it to be short for the play she’s doing in just a few weeks. So she wound up with a nice fresh haircut for the dance. Tiffany straightened it, and it looked really pretty and shiny and healthy. Nora just had Tiffany straighten it instead of doing a really fancy up do. Her dress was really intricate so Nora wanted something simple done with her hair so as to not overdo the ensemble.

She wore these really striking princess cut diamond earrings that we got her for Homecoming. They were also understated and simple, but really classy. She also wore these cute little white shoes with bows on them. I didn’t think the shoes were going to go with the dress, but when Nora put them on it looked like the shoes were made specifically for that dress. That girl has great fashion sense.

Scott and I snapped a couple of pictures and then she headed out to the dance, looking gorgeous and all grown up. Scott got a little misty eyed and I totally cried…it was a bittersweet moment. I’m so proud of her and the person she has become. She is truly beautiful inside and out.  We were both a little bit saddened with the reality that she is going to be heading off to college in less than a year, all grown up and not living at home anymore. We’ll are immensely proud, but we’ll miss her. A lot.

Here are some of the pictures for your enjoyment. Isn’t she beautiful?


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