Trips Away, Halloween, Showcases, Homecoming, Conferences, Birthdays, New Jobs…

So, life is crazy busy, as usual.

Nora flew back into BWI from Florida on Saturday and I picked her up at the airport. She was quite tired, as she hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. But she said the trip was fun, and I’m excited that she got to go on her first trip away with a friend her age and no parents! She stayed with Caitlin Kelly (her best friend’s sister) who goes to college in Florida. They went to a Haunted Halloween event at Disney world, and were out until 5am being scared and silly.

So, speaking of Halloween, we have a party to go to in just 6 days, and we are supposed to dress in groups of famous families or famous groups. We have no idea what to do and are desperate for any good, cheap suggestions. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone at all?

This Thursday the 23rd of October Nora has her first showcase at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School. The piece she described to me sounds very interesting and challenging. It seems to have an Avant Garde flair to it, which is always exciting. I am looking forward to this a great deal, as is Scott. It is very exciting to see Nora in a different light, exploring different genres of Theater. I really believe that the ACA program has, and will continue to, give her invaluable experience for her future career as an actress. Break a leg, Norabell!

This Saturday (the 25th of October) is Nora’s last Homecoming dance. She and I went shopping and found a beautiful dress last week for her to wear. It is black and white and very unique in its style. It kind of has an Elizabeth Taylor feel to it. She found some very pretty, simple earrings to go with it and she will be wearing my diamond, princess-cut three stone necklace that her father got me for Christmas a few years back. It’s always nice when she wants to wear something of mine that is special and has a lot of meaning in our family. She is going to look amazingly gorgeous, as she always does. I think Scott and I are going to bawl like babies come this Saturday. She is less than 8 months away from graduation and each event or milestone keeps making the thought of her leaving more real, more concrete. I am so excited for her and proud of her, I’d never want to hold her back in any way. It’s just going to be hard. Nora put it best by saying “Mari’s more than just a step-mom. She’s like a sister, a best friend, and a step-mother all at the same time.” That’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard anyone say about me, and I feel completely the same way. It’s going to be hard when Norabell goes away, but it will be so good for her. I want her to follow her every dream on into the horizon. She deserves to chase each and every one of them to their conclusion — be it good or bad.

We had a school conference with Jake’s English teacher this month as well. She said that he is quiet, but has a lot of friends. His grade is a solid B, which is amazing since it’s his least favorite subject and he suffers from dyslexia. The dyslexia sometimes gives him a bit of a harder time in reading, speaking, and writing. He’s not illiterate by any means, and he can read and write well, it just takes him a bit longer than it might take you or I. Plus; he’s such a perfectionist that he double and triple checks things, so he’s still doing really well in the course. All his other classes are currently in the B+/A range. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. I really think his smarts might rival Scott’s — and Scott is borderline genius! Jake is really looking forward to his Photography class next semester, and I am, too! He has such a natural talent for it and I can’t wait to see what he’ll be able to envision with a little bit of education and guidance. It should be a lot of fun for him.

Scott is doing some side work! He’s helping with the installation at a hospital in Leesburg, VA doing some construction work for my father’s company (Netco Communications). Its 40-60 hours per week, and very grueling physical labor. I think he’s just glad to be working at something again. It’s a 7 week project, so it’s not a permanent thing, but they always have opportunities like this that pop up all the time. We just need to subsidize our income a little bit until I begin my new second job, which, hopefully, will be the first week in November. That’s what I’m shooting for with MedStaff (the new Nursing travel agency that I am working with). So Scott gets up at 4am to drive down to Virginia and do some physical labor at least 5 days per week now. Unfortunately, that meant that he had to work on his birthday, it being his second day at this job and all. He and I had a relaxing evening once he got home from work. We enjoyed a beer together and watched Spider-Man 3. We cuddled and were very close that night. It was simple, but sweet none the less. I love my hubby who is now 43 years old! He’s a doll.

T-minus 13 days until our big-ass Halloween Housewarming party! You’d better be planning on coming because we are so very excited about this and we really want everyone to see and enjoy our new home. It’s quite amazing. Just don’t spill anything on this carpet — this house we really care about and want to keep it nice.

I love my beautiful family. They are growing up so fast; it’s kind of hard to believe it!

Much love to all. May you find as much content and love in your crazy, beautiful lives as the Griders have in our warm home.


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