Scott’s 43rd Birthday!

Today we celebrated Scott’s forty-third birthday. We were celebrating a few days late, as Nora was out of town in Florida, and Jake was at his mom’s house on Scott’s actual birthday, October the 16th. So we decided to celebrate today on a day where all four of us were home in the evening. It was a nice night.

Unfortunately, Scott was beginning to get sick so he was stuffy and feeling a little under the weather tonight. In spite of that, I did cook him some delicious spaghetti with appetizing garlic bread. To go along with dinner we had a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. I also baked a Devil’s Food Cake with thick and creamy chocolate icing from scratch. That was quite an adventure because I’ve never done Devil’s Food Cake and I haven’t baked a cake from scratch since I was 14….and that one didn’t turn out so well. The cake wasn’t very pretty to look at, but luckily it tasted delicious. We lit some goofy swirly candles on the cake and the three of us sang “Happy Birthday” for Scott, which was fun.


The four of us played a fun question and answer game after dinner (called WTF? : The Raunchy Version) and we all had a great time giggling and being loud and funny. Jake and Nora had some hilarious quips that kept Scott and I laughing the entire time.


Later, we opened presents (of course!). Scott got the movie Iron Man from Jake — which is an excellent movie . This DVD was the special edition boxed set with all the bonus features, which he loves to watch. Scott also got a really neat book from Nora that is a history of the development of maps from around the world. This book is really nifty, it shows the evolution of cartography and how the Earth and countries were portrayed at various points in history. It is a perfect book for Scott — right up his alley. One of the gifts I got for Scott was a sword shelf for us to display his collectable swords on the wall in our family room. I also got him a Terry Goodkind book. I knew I was taking a chance when I bought it because he has a lot of books written by that particular author, and regrettably, I grabbed one that he already owns. Luckily, I saved the receipt so he can go exchange it for another book that he doesn’t already have in his library. I felt bad giving him something he’s got already, but now he can go shopping without having to spend any money! That’s always the best kind of shopping, anyway.


After dinner and games and presents and cake, I gave Scott a birthday foot rub, made him some lemon & honey tea to soothe his sore throat, and tucked him into bed early so, hopefully, he will wake tomorrow feeling well rested and less sick. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him sleep for a short while. He is so handsome. This family is so lucky to have a Dad around like Scott Emory Grider. He is an amazing father to Jake and Nora and an amazing husband to me.

Happy birthday, Scott Emory!! We love you!! Alot alot.


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