More on October

So I’m trying to be more diligent about posting regularly on here because I was absent for quite awhile.

Scott’s birthday is in 9 days. He turns 43, but doesn’t look it at all! I still think he’s handsome and I’m in love with him more today than I was 6 years ago. We’re not doing anything too special, just some family time with the kiddies and maybe off to a movie. Nora will be out of town for his actual birthday — she’s flying to Florida with her best friend, Lauren, to visit Lauren’s sister and go to a massive Halloween event they do every year. She’s flying all by herself and staying in a college apartment. She is ridiculously excited about this trip. We’re going to celebrate Scott’s birthday when she returns.

Nora and I are having our annual Halloween Bash!!! This one is doubling as a Housewarming for our goregous new home in Whittier. Nora and I toyed with the idea of making it a masquerade-themed party but we figured people would need a little more than 2 or 3 weeks to plan that, so we are having a masquerade theme at our New Years Eve party instead. So mark your calendar and start hunting for a mask.

So, back to the Halloween Housewarming party. You can read the details in the entry below this one. It’s tons and tons of fun every single year, and we’d love for you all to be there. Nora and I are starting to get really excited (par for the course about this time of year). We are also attending a party at the Kelly’s for Halloween on the 24th and Scott, Nora, Jake and I have costume instructions for this one. We have to dress in Famous Families or Famous Groups, and we’re having a terrible time coming up with anything. So, please comment me (eithere here or on MySpace, the link is that —-> way)

Nora is gearing up for the fall play which takes places during the war. The show is called Gettysburg Cannon. For those wanting to attend, The dates are Friday November, 14th, and Saturday, November 15th. Both nights the show starts at 7:30pm at Catoctin High School. Nora cut 12 inches off of her hair for this part, so it’s significantly shorter now. But she looks great. And she donated it to Locks of Love again which is a company that makes wigs for children that are cancer patients. It is a really wonderful service that they provide; I’ve donated my hair once and this is Nora’s second time doing it.

There will also be a Winter play that at CHS during the first couple weeks of December. Nora opted not to be in this one because she is taking the oppotunity to try her hand at directing!! This will be Nora’s first experience as a student director and we think it’s will be a great challenge for her. Plus, it’ll be great to put on her college applications.

Another funny note about Nora’s Winter Play: Guess which parent has been elected to play Santa Claus? If you guessed a man who’s first name begins with and “S” and last name rhymes with “spider”, you’d be correct!!! I finally, after all these years, get to see my hubby on stage. I know, it’s a high school show designed for elementary aged children (the Winter Holiday play is always a kiddie production for the kids in the Catoctin High feeder school district), but I have wanted to see him on stage since the moment I met him! I’m so excited I want to squeal.

On the job front note — I am taking a second job as a travel nurse. All my “travel” will be local for the first couple of years while I become aquainted with the system and make sure I like the company. I would like to use Nursing as a way to travel and be able to affordably see many cities in this country and others. Plus, you learn so much from different hospitals, each experience is truly unique. I will be keeping my Staff position at GW Hospital. First of all, I’m in the middle of my 2 year contract, but mostly: I love  working there. I love everything about it. It’s just that this Travel Nursing Agency offers a tax exempt housing subsidy, higher rates, and a shorter commute. It just makes good sense instead of schlepping all the way down to DC to work all these overtime shifts. It’s going to be tough adjusting initially because I’ll have to be oriented and I’m going to be working 6 days per week, but this will nearly tripple my monthly income. With Nora’s very expensive college looming in the future, and a third car needed, and Scott still being my wonderful stay-at-home partner (no one could ask for a better husband) we could really use the money! I’m trying to keep positive about this and get what I can from it.

Jake is coming along with his quitar lessons. We’re seeing real improvement already. When he practices regularly he does really well and the instructor truly accomidates Jake’s learning style. He looks so grown up towering over me with his electric guitar slung over one shoulder. It would be so cool to see him on stage one day. He tells me he wants to learn to sing in German, French, and some other languages. I think that any ambition that makes Jake more excited about other contries and cultures is awesome.

Halloween is just around the corner! We have our orange lights up, our black cats out, and my Pumpkin Jar (instead of a Cookie Jar) in place, filled with candy. It’s funny how you revert to how you felt when you were a small child when certain holidays come around again.

Everyone have a Happy Halloween and hopefully I will post again before the month is out. Two for October so far and it’s only the 7th. Not too shabby!

Read the blog entry below this one again and come to our party. You will be greatly missed if you’re not there!!!


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