Happy Halloween Housewarming Party!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Halloween Housewarming Party

Hosted By::
Mari Grider

Friday Oct 31, 2008
at 8:30 PM

Mari and Scott’s new digs!

2409 Prentice Court
Frederick, MD 21702

Spread The Word…
 …just let me know how many peeps are going to be appearing at my house!
The Griders have decided to take advantange of Halloween falling on a Friday this year ( YAY! ) and are having our first big bash at our new home in Whittier and we want YOU to be there!! Come in costume (well, I guess you don’t HAVE to…but you really should…)

There will be tons of fun: beer pong, flip cup, Guitar Hero II and III, and enough candy to make you vomit up all the beer/wine/liquor you plan on drinking that night. Some people can even crash at our place, as usual. We have extra beds/futons/air mattresses/couches throughout the new, bigger home so you don’t have to worry about driving.

No housewarming presents are necessary — just bring a bottle or a case to stock the bar and have a good time! Arrive anytime after 8:30pm. Give me a heads up so I know how much chips and dip to stock up on!!

You can MapQuest the directions using our new address or send me a message on good ol’ MySpace and I will send them to you!

Don’t forget: It’s at the NEW house, not the old one in Thurmont!!

We’d better see you there!!


To contact me to RSVP or for directions call my cellphone or send me a message via my MySpace page. The link is to the right ———>


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