Homecoming 2008

Last night Nora attended her senior Homecoming dance. Yup, that’s right: this was her last one. Nora and I went to our marvelous hairdresser (Tiffany at Gemini Salon & Styling — we highly recommend her to everyone). While there, Nora got her hair trimmed and styled because she needs it to be short for the play she’s doing in just a […]

Scott’s 43rd Birthday!

Today we celebrated Scott’s forty-third birthday. We were celebrating a few days late, as Nora was out of town in Florida, and Jake was at his mom’s house on Scott’s actual birthday, October the 16th. So we decided to celebrate today on a day where all four of us were home in the evening. It was […]

More on October

So I’m trying to be more diligent about posting regularly on here because I was absent for quite awhile. Scott’s birthday is in 9 days. He turns 43, but doesn’t look it at all! I still think he’s handsome and I’m in love with him more today than I was 6 years ago. We’re not […]