It’s now September…

I haven’t posted in ages, I know. Life has been insane!

I’ve been working so so much at my new job, which has its good and bad points. I love my job — but 5 or 6 12 hour shifts per week is beginning to get a little overwheliming.

The kids are doing great! They both love the new house, and it’s most of the way unpacked now. It will take us awhile to get the whole thing decorated the way that we want and there are a few more pieces of furniture that I want (part of the reason that I’m working so much!). I planted some pretty fall flowers in my front garden. I can’t believe I actually live in a house where I care what the garden looks like!

At the end of August Jillian went away to college at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. I still can’t believe she’s of college age! On the weekend of her first game and her 18th birthday there was a hurricane and she got evacuated back home! I was sad to miss the game but we still got to see her for her birthday!

We were finally able to go to the cabin for the first time in a very long time. Susan and Katy and her kids were there, as always. It was especially great because Polly and Chris were there as well. It was a wonderfully rejuvinating week and, as usual, far too short! I’m trying to convince Scott to go for two weeks next summer. Jake took some amazing pictures while we were there which you can look at on his MySpace (link is to the right). He’s become quite the photographer! We are, as always, very proud.

Nora and Jake started school on August 25th. Nora is a SENIOR and Jake’s in HIGH school! This was a big year for both of them. Nora is attending two different high school because she was invited to a Magnet Theather program in the best high school in the county. We are VERY proud of both of them. Jake also started guitar lessons this sumer and is progressing along nicely.

After the passing of our two pet rats, Chaos and Calamity, Jake and I went and got a new little furry family member. She is an adorable baby albino rat (with the pink eyes and everything!) and her name is Lilth. She likes to sit on my sholder and sleep in my hair. Xaria the snake has grown two nearly four and a half feet long! She is as beautiful as ever.

Scott’s sister Karen got a job as a professor at Harvard after completing her Ph.D. and has moved to Boston, Mass. We are hoping now that she and Luis are residing on this coast we will be able to see more of them. Now most of the Grider family is on the East coast with John and Shelly living in Georgia, Susan and Helen residing in North Carolina and us in Maryland!

So much has gone on since the last time I posted. I will try not to go three months without posting again! And hopefully in the next week or so I can get some pictures up here, too!


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