Nora’s Junior Recital


On the 16th of March we had an amazing performance by Nora J. Grider!

About 20 + people showed up, including her Grandmothers from North Carolina, her Great Aunt and Uncle from Williamsburg, VA, and even my brother Devon showed up to video tape it for me! A couple of her friends from school came to see her sing as well and the family of some of her friends from school. My mother and Jillian came to see her sing also. It was really quite amazing. Tenly was also there and she kept me sane.

She sang a great variety of songs, including 3 Arias (one in Italian, one in Latin — and it really sounded like she spoke those languages fluently), “The Phantom of the Opera” (which her best friend Lauren sang backup for), and my personal favorite “You Raise Me Up”. I cried, her Mom cried, Scott cried and both of her grandparents cried.

We had a nice litte reception after the performance where we all gorged ourselves on chocolate covered strawberries. They were delicious! The food was nice, the company was better, and the singing was the best!


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