Happy New Year!

We had our annual New Year’s Eve party this December 31st, however, it was much more mild than previous years. Being that I am not currently drinking and I quit smoking (YAY!!) and Scott and I had worked all day, it ended up being much more calm than usual.

It was nice to see everyone, though. Piotr, my very first friend from college (University of Maryland, 2000) was home from Washington state and was here for my annual party, Amanda and Matt Lee came, Erica stopped by, Josh visited, Alex and Kyle graced us with their presence, and even Kristy and Parker came by! It was nice because this year we had both of the kids, so we got to ring in the new year with Jake and Nora as well.

Most people left for other destinations by about 10:30, so it was calm and quiet with just the four of us and Piotr at midnight. This was actually nice, I got to appreciate the more important things in life: my wonderful family. Then I went to bed around 12:15am, which is VERY early for me. I’ve been very, very tired lately.

We find out in 9 days if baby #3 is on the way! Wish us luck. I’ve had a bad allergic reaction to one of my meds, so Scott and I are hoping that it doesn’t decrease our chances of getting pregnant.

So far 2008 has consisted mostly of playing games with Jake and studying for the dreaded NC-LEX. I can’t wait to have that awful task behind me!

I hope 2008 is great for each and every one of you!


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