One more driver in the house!

Eleanor Jean Grider is now a legal driver in the Grider household!! Yesterday at 2:30pm (well…it was more like 3, it being the MVA and all…) Nora took her driving test and passed on the first try!!! Her mom, her dad, Jake and I were all there to be excited and celebrate with her. She […]

Nora’s Junior Recital

Nora’s Junior voice recital has officially been scheduled for Sunday, March 16th, 2007. It is at 3:00pm at the Del Laplanes Visual Art Center on Carroll Street. Nora will be singing aproximately 45 minutes of music, just her. She is singing 3 arias in different languages, a couple of Broadway songs, and a song just […]

Happy New Year!

We had our annual New Year’s Eve party this┬áDecember 31st, however, it was much more mild than previous years. Being that I am not currently drinking and I quit smoking (YAY!!) and Scott and I had worked all day, it ended up being much more calm than usual. It was nice to see everyone, though. […]