Christmas 2007


This Christmas was awesome.

Unfortunatly, I had a fertility appointment first thing in the morning, so the kids were waiting for me when I got home around 8am. They were patient, though, and as soon as I got changed back into my pajamas (per Nora’s instructions) we got to opening presents!!!

We spent the morning and early afternoon at our house, opening gifts and eating the annual Christmas pheasant for lunch. Jake got Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III, a new cell phone, a magzine subscription, an amazing pocket watch that he LOVED from his grandparents, a book he really wanted, a new CD player, and a bunch of little things in his stocking. He seemed to be really excited about all of it.

Nora got a digital camera, tons of books (as usual), a bunch of shirts she had specifically wanted that I special ordered, the 5th Harry Potter Movie, a nice journal from her dad and I, and lots of other things that I can’t remember.

We got a new computer for the family (which I am on now) and it is so much nicer than our last one. It has a 19″ flatscreen monitor.

So we spent most of the day waiting in line for either the new computer or the new video game. It was nice to be home with them, though. Around 4pm we took them over to their mom’s house, and then we went to my mom’s house which was also really nice. I got to see Simon, Jililan, Devon, Greg, Mom and most of Greg’s family who I haven’t seen in ages. The food was excellent, and Scott and I came home around 9pm and spent a little time together in the evening.

I hope your Christmas was as warm as ours was.

Friday: Insemination!!


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