My 26th, Phone Interview, SNOW DAYS, and Final Finals!

So yesterday was my 26th birthday. We celebrated on the 4th because I was supposed to have class on my birthday. We went out to Hard Times and enjoyed good food, margaritas, and pool! Jake kicked all of our butts as usual. He really is quite good! Nora and I are really bad, but we had fun anyway! 🙂  

So yesterday I had my 2nd interview for George Washington Hospital. This one was over the phone, and I think I did really well. I should find out within the week (at most) if I got the job or not. In the meantime, I still have a couple of other hospitals I’m looking at. Nora and Jake got out of school early yesterday because we got about 4 – 5 inches of snow up here in good ‘ole Thurmont. It was nice, actually, because I got to spend some time with them (and Nora’s AWESOME friend Angie!) on my actual birthday. Then my classes were cancelled! This was kinda nice because I didn’t have to go to class or to my graduation practice, but now I have to reschedule a bunch of things for the makeup class as well as graduation practice. It’s okay, though, because on Monday the 10th (that is only 4 days from now) at 5:00pm, I will be taking my final final! I am so excited that I am this close to being done. I think I might cry at my graduation.

 Today I am spending my leisurley snow day studying and taking care of the kiddies. I will be at my Dad’s house the next couple of days, cleaning and preparing for my GRADUATION party! You’d better be coming!

Only 6 more days until graduation!


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