Yesterday at 10:30am the fertility doctor performed my IUI procedure. It was very quick and very painless, which was good because I was aphrehensive about it. The doctor said that all of our numbers look good. Now we have to wait until the 15th of January to return to the office and take the pregnancy […]

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was awesome. Unfortunatly, I had a fertility appointment first thing in the morning, so the kids were waiting for me when I got home around 8am. They were patient, though, and as soon as I got changed back into my pajamas (per Nora’s instructions) we got to opening presents!!! We spent the morning […]

Graduation Ceremony

Tonight was amazing. The 2007 (Night/Weekend Option) Senior class of Nursing students graduated from Frederick Community College with a bang tonight! There were great guest speakers, and every single family member I wanted to be there was present(Mom, Greg, Jillian, Simon, Devon, Dad, Gale, Doris, Pop, Scott, Nora and Jake), and Amy Andrews sang “My […]

Holiday Cabaret

Last night, December 8th, Nora’s high school performed a Holiday Cabaret. It was such a neat night! Nora sang Ave Maria, Lauren and Sara did “Who’s on First?”, Nora and Angie danced a lyrical dance to “Storm” that they choregraphed themselves. I cried like a baby, as usual. Nora is just so good I can’t […]