So much stuff…

dsc02074-640x480.jpgdsc02107-640x480.jpgdsc02131-640x480.jpgIt has been a very busy time since I last posted!

dsc02084-640x480.jpg dsc02117-640x480.jpg

So, I had an interview at another hospital the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This one was at George Washington University Hospital, also in DC. I have basically decided that I will be working in the city, due to the advantages for my career and continued education. This hospital exceeded even the last one, it’s closer, cleaner and in a much better part of the city. I interviewed for a position in the ICU, and it went really well. The person who was interviewing me basically gave me a tour like I was on orientation, which I hope is a good sign! I have the last little bit of the process to do: a phone interview on December 5th (my birthday) and then hopefully I should know before graduation!

Speaking of graduation, we are at T-14 days! I can’t believe the end of this long journey is almost over. Part of me is going to miss it, the teachers have taught me so much and most of the students in the class have become like family! But most of me is so excited. I scored a 92% on my last Exam, so I am pretty much guarenteed to pass the course at this point, which is a nice way to go into my final.

My graduation party is the 15th of December, and I sent invitations out in the mail earlier this week, so you should all get them soon. Be there!!

Thanksgiving was loads of fun this year, as usual. On Wednesday night we went to my father’s house for the annual night of debauchery before Turkey day, and Jake and Nora got to meet the people I call the “Mafia Crew”, which is my family from New York City. They are awesome, and I think a good time was had by all. Thursday I ran around like crazy baking 5 pies like I do every year, and Scott and I enjoyed Thanksgiving with the same crew til late that night. Even Amanda came! Unfortunatly, the kids were at their Mom’s house for Thanksgiving this year, but they had a great time. Thanksgiving is Jake’s favorite holiday, and the good food wasn’t ruined by his new appliances in his teeth like I was worried about.


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