Halloween 2007


Halloween is my favorite holiday! October is also my favorite month. My husband’s birthday is in October, fall (my favorite season) begins in October, and we end every October with our Annual Halloween Party.

This year Nora and I decided to combine our parties. She had her friends over, and I had a bunch of my friends. This year was the best year by far! I dressed up as a witch (I was a Nurse on Saturday – I like to mix it up!), Nora was a butterfly, Scott was a flasher (check out the photos on my MySpace – it is hilarious!) and Jake went as a body who does not do costumes. He was still handsome, though!

We had the usual crowd of people over, but this year there was a twist: Kyle brought over his PS 360 and his copy of Guitar Hero and TWO guitars! A big portion of the night was spent rocking out to my TV.

We ate lots of candy and smoked lots of cigars and good fun was had by all! I’m sad it’s over, but soon we will have my brithday, then Thanksgiving with the mafia peeps from NYC, then Christmas! This time of year just keeps getting better and better!


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