Homecoming 2007


This past Saturday was Nora’s Junior Homecoming!

She and I got to spend the entire day together, we got massages, got her makeup professionally done, her hair done, and her nails done. Then we came home where her father gave her a pretty yellow corsage that I had ordered, Amanda came over to see her all dressed up, and we took pictures. I cried. As usual. It is just so amazing how quickly she had grown into a beautiful young lady. Then we drove Nora over to her Mom’s house so that she could spend some time with her and take her to the actual dance. Because of the seperation, this has been the first formal weekend event that Nora has gotten ready for at our home, and it was really special to both Scott and I.

Poor Jake has just begun his orthodontic treatment and he has a new contraption in his mouth that makes it virtually impossible for him to eat. We think there may be something wrong with the way that the contraption is in his mouth, so we have to go back to the doctor and see what they have to say about it’s placement. In the meantime, it really suck for him and I feel terrible. He’s such a great kid, and my heart hurts to see him this miserable.


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