The great grades keep coming!

So the children got their interims last week, and as usual, they did exceptionally well!!

Nora has straight As for the first time! Jake got all As and Bs, and we are immensley proud of both of them! Both kids made the honor roll, and we’re so very glad that all their hard work and intelligence has paid off!

I took my 2nd exam in my Medical/Surgical Nursing III class last night, and after the exam I was not pleased. It was very difficult, and while I knew that I had studied a lot, I felt like I was having a very hard time getting a grip on the information. Grades weren’t posted  until this morning, but I somehow managed another B! I was completely shocked at this grade, and very, VERY pleased that I managed to maintain my B average in the class so far. I only have 7 classes left and then I am completely finished with the education part. Now it’s time to start freaking out about the NC-LEX exam itself. Ugh! And tomorrow is the big interview!!


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