The Frist Job Interview!!

On October 19th, 2007 I have an interview for a highly coveted, very prestigous Fellowship at Washington Hospital Center in DC!!!!!!!

I am attending an event called “Dream Day” where I will be able to shadow in a couple of areas that I am interested in, the primary ones being Trauma and the Emergency Department (ED).

I am very interested in this hospital, as they have great patient care, awesome education, and they are a 47-acre, 926 bed hospital in the Nation’s Capital. There are so many wonderful things about this facility, including it’s benefit package – which includes loan forgiveness and up to $10,000 a year in tuition to continue your education, which means I can get my CRNP at almost NO cost to me!

It is in DC, which on one hand is a great Health Metropolus, but it’s also nearly 70 miles away from where we currently live. We are in the process of looking for homes in Frederick, but it will still be at least a 45 mile commute into DC (and the dreaded 495 area!) 

Aside from the commute, this is the number one location that I want to be employed at. I am so nervous about this interview because this is the beginning of my career. A position like this fellowship will give me taylored classroom education to my area of specialty and an ability to build an amazing carreer from day one. And I’ll have a job before I even graduate from college, which will be amazing.

I am very scared at the moment. Wish me luck: I might finally be on my way to something bigger and better!


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