Homecoming 2007

This past Saturday was Nora’s Junior Homecoming! She and I got to spend the entire day together, we got massages, got her makeup professionally done, her hair done, and her nails done. Then we came home where her father gave her a pretty yellow corsage that I had ordered, Amanda came over to see her […]

Washington Hospital Center

So yesterday was the big day! I traveled down to Washington Hospital Center (this involved driving, the Subway, and an inter-city bus) and arrived at 9am. I shadowed two very competent and friendly Nurses in in their trauma/burn step-down unit, and the Emergency Department. We got free food (people like to feed Nurses, apparently), and […]

The great grades keep coming!

So the children got their interims last week, and as usual, they did exceptionally well!! Nora has straight As for the first time! Jake got all As and Bs, and we are immensley proud of both of them! Both kids made the honor roll, and we’re so very glad that all their hard work and […]

The Frist Job Interview!!

On October 19th, 2007 I have an interview for a highly coveted, very prestigous Fellowship at Washington Hospital Center in DC!!!!!!! I am attending an event called “Dream Day” where I will be able to shadow in a couple of areas that I am interested in, the primary ones being Trauma and the Emergency Department […]

Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to post anything. I began my Telemetry rotation a few weeks ago, and with that, work, and the kids I’ve just been too busy to even think! I wanted to post a quick note though, about the upcoming 8 weeks. Assuming all goes well […]