Italy and Greece

Today Nora and I attended an information meeting for an orginization called People to People. Nora was one of about a dozen children from all of Frederick County invited to be a Student Ambassador. This is quite an honor, and just to be invited makes us proud parents!

 This year the student delegation group will be meeting with world leaders in Italy and Greece. Next July she will potentially be going to Rome, Pompeii, Athens, the Vatican and many other places for a 20 day trip. She is SO excited. It’s a big chunk of money, and she’ll have to earn 50% of it to be able to afford to go, but she is really motivated to work and earn every penny. This would be such an amazing opportunity for her.

I’m jealous and I want to go, too! She will be earning college credit (120 contact hours), and having bi-monthly meetings up until the trip to do the educational part of it. It’s not just a fun vacation, it’s a major learning experience and she has to go through an extensive interview process to make sure that she’s up to par to represent our country as a Student Ambassador. It’s a huge family committment, but Scott and I feel strongly about doing the best we can to give her this experience.

Now the Grider household is open for donations! Just kidding….*grin*


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