What a week!

Funny picture of the week:

Simon meets a riding lawn mower.

Now who among us isn’t scared?


It’s been quite a week ’round the Grider household.

We finally named our Snake. Her full name is: Xaria Isis Grider.  Her first name is pronounced Zar-e-uh. It took us forever to find a name that all three of us liked enough and sounded unique enough, but not so unique that it sounded like a made up name. It was quite an issue, as I’m sure you can tell: we’ve had Xaria since the 3rd of September, and we just now named her last night. She is getting more and more comfortable with us all the time, which I think is great. She’s a real hands on pet, which is exacly why we wanted this breed.

 On another note, I am no longet working at Staples. After two years of working my rear off, I have decided to throw in the towel. Unfortunatly, my plate was getting a bit too full, especially with all of my graduation projects and requirements looming ahead of me with their dauntingly impossible due dates. Why quit Staples, you ask? Well, I will tell you: I actually sat down and did the math, and suprisingly enough, I was taking home nearly $3.00 more an hour waiting tables than I was managing a $20,00/week copy center . My job at Staples also had so much responbility and babysitting necessary to do it well, that it just seemed like the smart choice to choose the job that is more low-key and where I have minimal responsbility. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job at Staples and I did it well, however, I needed to tweak some priorities, and especially since I’m so close to graduation, school wins out.

Only 2 months and 27 more days to go til Gradution! Actually, up until now (2:44am) I have been studing myocardial infarctions and ECG strip readings for an Exam I have on Wednesday the 19th (only 5 more days and then test #1 is done!!)

On the kid front: Today after school Nora had tryouts for her school play, Dracula. She doesn’t seem too thrilled about how things went at the moment, but I think she’ll perk up once she sees the part that she got. We’re always proud of her, because no matter how big or small the part she will rise to the occasion with class. She’s growing into quite the little actress. In two more years: college!

Not too much new going on in Jake’s life at the moment. On Thursday, the 6th of September, I attended Jake’s Back to School Night. Nora came with me to see all of her old teachers, and everyone remembered her and was so happy to see her! Jake has some really cool teachers this year. In just 5 short days Jake will go on the 8th grade fieldtrip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It’s right in the Inner Harbor, so it’s a fun area, but the Aquarium is all indoors, so luckily there’s no worrying about cancelations due to the weather.

And, we’re waiting to see what happnes next with the baby-making fiasco that has been the last year and a half of our lives. I call it Operation: Knocked Up. Tomorrow I drive down to Shady Grove for some bloodwork and a transvaginal ultrasound. Hopefully it will all be good news! Wish us luck!

Last night myself, my brother Devon, a close freind Amanda, and Scott all went to my father’s house. It was really nice to see him. Usually we see more of him then we have lately, but sometimes life happens. I got to spend some time with Amber (my 7 year old sister). I also had some very good taking with my little ‘Bro, too. I won’t go into too much deatil, but I got to spend some quailty time just talking to him and it was really awesome.


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