Crisis Averted

Yesterday I did my second (and last) day of my ICU rotation.

It ended up being a very eventful day.

We were reviewing cardiac rhythm strips with our instructor when we heard “Code Yellow” paged over the Hospital PA system. Code Yellow is the code for a disaster in the local area: a large car pile up, a bomb explosion, a large building colapsing, or, in this case: a large chemical explosion at Solarex. Somehow my teacher knew that this was a drill, and we decided it would be very interesting to go and watch.

We arrive in the ED and are watching everyone getting set up, and the Incident Commander told us we could help.

And it turned out there were no nurses available at all.

So the four FCC Nursing students got to run the Disaster Drill for Frederick Memorial Hospital! It was actually very cool, we had 4 critical patients, about 10 walking wounded, and then people coming in from the street because of the cloud of chemical over the area. There were plenty of pictures, and we might even make it into the paper!

All in all it was a very interesting clinical day!


One thought on “Crisis Averted

  1. Hey, sorry I keep missing you calls. My schedule got changed at work so i’m 9:30-7:30 now, and I have class on Monday night. That drill sounds like it was fun! I want to hear more, i’ll try to give you a call on my way to work tomorrow night. Later!

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