Houdini, the Snake and other events…

So we had our first fiasco with our new snake (who is still nameless at this point).  It’s actually kind of funny now that everything turned out okay.

Scott was sitting on the couch with the boa, playing with her in his lap and she was doing her usual curling around and exploring thing that she does. (It’s actually really cute – she likes pocket and belt loops).  All of a sudden we realize she wasn’t curling just down his back but through the cracks in the couch! Normally this wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, except for the fact that we have one of those couches that is in separate sections because the ends are recliners. So she got all the way into the couch and essentially disappeared! We spent a good 20 frantic minutes attempting to locate her. She had curled up under one of the wood slats and we couldn’t see her initially. Luckily, we got her out okay and all was well, but couch time with the snake is definitely going to be much different from now on!

Also in other snake news: we fed her for the first time last night. I won’t go into too much detail for those of you who are saddened by the circle of life, but it was very amazing to watch; kind of like the Discovery channel in our own home!

Nora picked her clubs for her junior year this week as well, and she chose three great ones that Scott and I are really proud of: Drama (obviously) – and she’s the Secretary in this one!, Rainbow Connection (this is the LGTB club at her school), and SOME – Save Our Mother Earth. She’s has grown up to be quite a little activist in her own right, and Scott and I could not be more proud of her!

I also started my LAST semester of Nursing school about a week ago, and there is SO MUCH to do! I have, however, reached that giddy point of realization that I will be done with Nursing school in just 13 short weeks, and hopefully (fingers crossed) will have my actual RN license before I ring in the New Year! Wish me luck!!


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