Italy and Greece

Today Nora and I attended an information meeting for an orginization called People to People. Nora was one of about a dozen children from all of Frederick County invited to be a Student Ambassador. This is quite an honor, and just to be invited makes us proud parents! ¬†This year the student delegation group will […]


Today I had a procedure called a hysterosalpingogram (or HSG). Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, because I have no idea. This is a test where a radiologist injects dye into my uterine cavity and fallopian tubes to make sure there are no abnormal growths or blockages that are preventing me from getting pregnant. […]

Good Grades All Around

Well, taking time off from Staples was definitely the right thing to do! I completed my first exam in my last semester of Nursing school last night. Grades weren’t posted until this morning, but the wait was worth it because I got a B! This is very exciting, and a great way for me to […]

What a week!

Funny picture of the week: Simon meets a riding lawn mower. Now who among us isn’t scared? It’s been quite a week ’round the Grider household. We finally named our Snake. Her full name is: Xaria Isis Grider.¬† Her first name is pronounced Zar-e-uh. It took us forever to find a name that all three […]

Crisis Averted

Yesterday I did my second (and last) day of my ICU rotation. It ended up being a very eventful day. We were reviewing cardiac rhythm strips with our instructor when we heard “Code Yellow” paged over the Hospital PA system. Code Yellow is the code for a disaster in the local area: a large car […]

Intensive Care Unit

Today I had my first rotation on the ICU. I had kind of decided that the ICU wasn’t for me, that there wasn’t enough going on to satisfy my need for speed like the Emergancy Department or Trauma would. Suprisingly enough, I really, really liked it! You have a lot of autonomy and you know […]